Patreon goals and tiers updated

Even after a year, I’m tweaking the damned things…

I’ve been thinking a lot about my Patreon channel. It’s an awkward thing, defining tiers and goals, and I feel like I’m kind of only just getting the hang of it after an entire year.

Neverthless, today I added an epic goal.

It was this:

$12,000 per month, which will equate to a great income while writing full-time.

I wasn’t going to add this goal because it seems really self-serving and ridiculous. But then I figured: Why the fuck not? Why not give the entire #LeticiaWrites thing a real and meaningful shape. It’s an absolute dream of mine to be able to step out of doing client work and to write full-time on projects of my own, which also and still benefit others.

New Goals

Effective today (20 March 2019), here are the new goals tied to my Patreon setup:

  • $ 50 : Booking song-rooms at St Paul’s Creative Centre, so I can record Ultimatum as the radio play it’s destined to be.
  • $ 100 : New #LeticiaWrites stickers for every patron, at every $100 increment.
  • $ 250 : The first time, I’m going to book a long weekend of writing somewhere. For every subsequent increment, every patron will get a new custom shirt.
  • $6,000 : I’m going to produce a serial publication and publish other writers. Every patron will get a gifted subscription for as long as they continue to be a patron.
  • $12,000 : The most epic goal of all. To be able to stop doing writing for other people.

New Tiers

The news tiers happened just because… well. I didn’t like what was there before. It was messy and unclear. Now? They’re fixed and they make sense.

Here’s what they are:

  • $1/month – gives you the inside look, including podcasts
  • $4.50/month – access to the Flash Fiction of the Month Club
  • $99/month – access to the First Readers Cult
  • $197/month – access to the printed Listen up! newsletter, which is a VERY NEW publication teaching music journalism mastery.

The Essay of the Month Club was hard to say, and even more boring to understand, so I decided to eliminate it. As for the top tier? It was way too high, and anomalous when held against the others.

I’m happy with the four that I have now, and they make sense in a sequence.

If you’re not a patron yet…

Consider becoming one. Hell, even at $1/month you get way more for your money than you’d expect. How does 52 podcast episodes, insights, conversation, and open thinking about the writing life sound? Add yourself to the community at