Thank YOU, Patrons!

This month is a meaningful month in my world, because I have been able to buy a significant addition for my writing bureau. And it’s all thanks to my patrons.
Art by IRew at Deviant Art. See image description for the URL.

This month is a momentous month in my world, because for the first time I have been able to buy two super meaningful things as a direct result of my Patreon subscribers.

The first is that I could buy my friend Alan Baxter‘s new book + enamel pin, and add to what I fondly call my Baxter Collection.

While adding another Baxter book means I will have re-shelve about five bookcases (not all authors’ surnames can start with Z, sigh), I am totally stoked to have Devouring Dark among my books.

The second is that I was able to buy a computer monitor for my writing desk.

For the past year and a bit, I have been diligently trudging one monitor from my office out to my writing desk every Wednesday. Lately, as my writing output (and desire to write) has increased, not having a dedicated monitor became an actual blocker.

Thanks to my patrons (go here to see a list of them!), I now have one on the way! Woooooooohooooooooooooo!

I can’t begin to express how much I appreciate you guys. A monitor dedicated to my writing fundamentally changes my life.

Side note: A as a result of patrons, my writing has improved, hand over fist, in just twelve months. And that’s saying something, given I make my living mostly by writing.

So, this post is for you guys. Thank you.