Cover Reveal! Flash Fiction of the Month Club for April 2019

Cover art for this month’s Flash Fiction of the Month Club. If you didn’t add yourself by 9 April 2019, you totally missed out.

Club members this month will get to meet a future protagonist for the first time. She may or may not appear in future club mailings. When you get your piece this month, let me know if you want me to drop you more snapshots by way of this club.

Cover of the April 2019 Flash Fiction of the Month Club

How brilliant is the artwork!

Another discovery on Deviant Art. The artist is Mark Wilkinson. View the full piece here.

If you’re not a Club Member and want this cool shit in your letterbox, tough. I mean, you’ll miss out on this one even if you subscribe today. But you WILL get the next mailout, in May. 🙂

It’s only $4.50 with free shipping worldwide.