An unexpected fall back into publishing

So it is that Australian publishing advisor Leticia Mooney goes back into publishing. This time with real and meaningful business skills to back her up.
Sunrise, a publishing imprint of Brutal Pixie Pty Ltd

It was bound to happen sooner or later. I’m happy to announce that I’m stepping gingerly back into the pool as an indie publisher.

Unlike in every other time in my career, however, the opportunity came looking for me, rather than me looking for it. In the past couple of weeks, I have onboarded my first author, and will be using it as a vehicle for one of my own pseudonyms. My author’s first book is due to land on my desk sometime in the next fortnight; and my pseudonym’s title will see her first book release at the end of April 2020.

It’s a fantastic opportunity for me to step into genres that I’ve previously never worked in as a publisher. The forthcoming titles from my new imprint, which is Sunrise, will focus on the human spirit. On the one hand, I’m publishing titles about grief and wellbeing; and on the other hand some way out-there titles on specific aspects of religiosity and spirit.

Logo for the Sunrise imprint

Given the nature of publishing, I’ll be running multiple imprints, each with a different focus. But Sunrise is going to hit the ground running.

So, while today was my dedicated #LeticiaWrites writing day—as all Wednesdays are—at least half of that day was spent establishing the back-end necessary to get this little project up and running.

I didn’t think I would be this excited, to be perfectly honest.

One of the things that I am incredibly happy about is the business model on which I’ll be running, which is a 50/50 split with authors on all revenues, shared costs for some aspects of book release, but predominantly in being the coach, guide, and channel by which great and necessary books can be published.

Whether Sunrise takes unsolicited submissions or not remains to be seen. I have a desire to hand-select authors and titles for the imprint… but at the same time, I’m also just rolling with it and seeing what comes out the other side.

So, here’s to another chapter in indie publishing! This time with more smarts, more wit, more business skills in general. And, with a dash of good luck thrown in, that will mean much more success!

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