Happy New Year (2022)

Happy new year, lovely traveller! Here’s to a magnificent 2022.

Happy new year! It’s almost 2022.

Change is constant.

Political tyranny is real.

Deepfakes are more common than you would believe.

And still the sun sets in the west and rises in the east.

The tides wax and wane.

Mother moon moves in her constant cycle.

Time is still just a concept, albeit in more dimensions than you perceive.

With all of this in mind, dear reader, I want to wish you a genuine and heartfelt joy for the coming year. Whatever befalls you along the way, focus your heart and mind on the Good Bits. Energy goes where attention flows. Push your energy in the direction of most value.

The year 2022 marks some ridiculous number of years in which I’ve been blogging on this domain. Maybe 15 years? Maybe more? I stopped counting.

In any case, here is to a magnificent year. (Follow the link to see the word’s true meaning.)

xx Leticia

About the author

Leticia Mooney is an Australian authorghostwriter and wayshower. She currently resides in South Australia and is looking for a literary agent. Know anyone? If so, you can contact her here.


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