Tarot Readings for Public Figures, Entertainers and Celebrities

Public figures such as entertainers and celebrities benefit from tarot readings because they allow vision into what’s coming. If you are one of these people, know that your reading will allow you to prepare, to plan, and to better manage your career AND your art. Discover more, below.

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What is special about Leticia’s tarot readings for public figures?

There is nothing special about a tarot reading for public figures. It’s exactly the same as for anyone else. You’ll be treated like a ‘regular Joe’. (And as a former music journalist who is used to speaking with celebrities, I can confidently tell you that’s exactly what it means!)

The key difference is in the flexibility of my service to you. I understand that you may be in Adelaide briefly, and I can make myself accessible to you with just 48 hours’ notice.

Tarot is method of prophecy that will show you where you are right now, what’s coming up for you (and those around you) in your life, and what to expect. It’s vital for a public figure like an entertainer or a celebrity to have vision about that. It gives you some understanding about how to better protect yourself and your loved ones.

You need to know that tarot readings are focused on what’s coming down the timeline towards you. If you’re a person who understands basics of quantum physics, the best way to think about this is that a reading collapses the wave. It brings events out of the realm of ‘all possibility’ and puts them in front of you. What appears is what IS.

Confidentiality and your tarot reading: Everything public figures need to know

Confidentiality is a key question for public figures, entertainers and celebrities. If you’re like most professionals with a public profile, having the media discover that you consult any kind of psychic can be a Public Relations disaster. Here is how I handle your information:

  1. My appointments list notes first names only. Therefore, if anybody requests information about who has come to see me–including by search warrant!–all they will see is a list of first names.
  2. I will record every tarot reading. Those recordings do not contain your name and are not stored with any identifying information. Recordings are stored on SD cards in locked cabinets to which only I have access.
  3. If you wish to have your reading in person, then we will arrange a mutually beneficial location. This allows you to control who sees you and where, and with whom. This may mean, for example, that you request that I come to the green room of your performance venue when you perform in Adelaide.
  4. If you give me permission to email you, then you will only receive emails that you consent to. If that’s my email list, fine. If that’s just to get your recording, that’s all you’ll get. I delete all sent emails with recordings on the last day of every month. The delay is literally to create a buffer between sending and receiving, just in case technology glitches out on us.
  5. I never discuss my life reading clients with others.
  6. I don’t keep notes about my life readings with you or anybody else.

If you have any questions about confidentiality matters that are not addressed by the foregoing, please contact me.

Tarot is not a deck of cards. The cards are Tarot’s language

Many people believe that Tarot is a deck of cards. But it isn’t. The cards are simply the language that Tarot uses to communicate with us.

A great way to think about this is that you are an energetic being. You are made of energy, and you express that energy in particular ways. When you handle, shuffle, the cards, Tarot is imbued with your -ness.

This is how your interpreter can read your patterns in the cards that you have handled. This is also why if you go to a tarot reader who shuffles and deals the cards for you, then you’re being taken up the garden path for a ride. Would you rather the cards represent you, or them? If they’re doing the work, they ain’t reading you.

Tarot is psychic. Here’s why:

When you sit with a tarot reader, that reader is momentarily possessed by you. In the same way that the cards are tarot’s language, your tarot reader experiences a short period of possession that allows the person to read what’s in your cards.

A tarot session is a deep, personal, intimate experience that is not diluted by an online reading. That’s physics again: Energy is non-local and simultaneous.

So if you’re wondering whether I am psychic, you have your answer. Yes. When you come to me for a tarot reading, we will experience a moment of beingness that is simultaneous.

What happens during a tarot reading?

During a tarot reading, you will be taken through a series of what we call ‘maps’. They’re maps and not layouts because tarot is about showing you the landscape through which you’re travelling. You are earth, you are not separate from earth. Therefore, we use maps.

Here’s the basic process:

  1. I will (in person) or you will (online) open your deck properly. If it’s an online reading, you’ll be shown how to do that.
  2. You’ll shuffle the deck until you feel like it’s time to stop.
  3. You’ll be instructed in how to lay out each map.

There are several maps that we walk through. These are:

  1. Dead reckoning. This shows you where you are right now.
  2. The Grove. This gives you a series of outcomes that together give you more detail about the reading as a whole.
  3. Familiar Faces. This is about the people and places that are second-hand to you but influential in your events.
  4. Stargate. This is a deeply nuanced map that gives a vast amount of information, from where home is to health issues.
  5. Horse Latitude. This is a warning spread.
  6. The Continuum. This gives even more detail.
  7. Questions. You’ll speak your question aloud while you shuffle the cards. Tarot can be obnoxious: You’ll want to ask a very specific question, which hasn’t already been answered! You’ll also want to avoid attempting to remove free will (tarot won’t make your life happen, your decisions will!); generic questions; naive questions (like asking about when you’ll find a soul mate. Just don’t.).

You will be asked not to speak until the questions section.

How long is a tarot reading?

A full tarot reading can take up to 2 hours. A short reading may occupy 30 minutes.

As you can see from what happens (above) in a reading, they can take a long time! A full reading has seven maps. You shuffle in between every map. Your tarot reader will look, read, ponder, and talk.

A short reading is comprised of Dead Reckoning, the Stargate, and Questions only.

There are answers to more questions about tarot readings here.

Tarot readings are favoured by public figures like Brad Pitt.
Brad pitt is one public figure who consults a tarot reader. Image source: bradpitt.com

Online Tarot Readings: Everything you need to know

Tarot readings online are easy, fast, and effective! This is by far the most private and effective option, which is useful for public figures like celebrities.

Here is what you need:

  1. A deck of cards. These ones are cost-effective. I can also arrange a deck for you at your expense (including postage, or via courier if you’re already in Adelaide).
  2. Access to the internet, obviously. 🙂
  3. A webcam that will show your cards clearly. A great webcam is a portable Logitech like this one. (It’s similar to the one that I use).

Your appointment will be booked a minimum of 48 hours in advance.

Readings will be held via Brave Talk, Skype, Signal or Telegram. I prefer the latter two because of their strong focus on privacy protection, but you can request a preferred platform.

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Tarot reading fees for public figures:

Fees are listed below. All fees are inclusive of GST. Note that reading fees for public figures are slightly higher due to the flexibility built into this service. That flexibility is designed to protect your profile.

Tarot readings

Fees are for the reading itself. Additional fees may apply for in-person sessions.

  1. Short consultation: $120.
  2. Full consultation: $300.
  3. If you don’t have a card deck for your online reading, add $60 so I can supply you with one and courier it to your location within Australia.

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Want a reading? Here’s how to book

If you urgently require a consultation, please send me an email or text me on 0421 925 382. Otherwise:

  1. Book in using the form below. Remember to tell me what you’re after (numerology + tarot; tarot, short; tarot, long; something else).
  2. Pay a deposit to confirm your booking. The deposit is $80. It is not refundable. You can reschedule once before you lose it. You’ll be emailed a link to pay on, after we’ve confirmed appointment date, time and details.
  3. Once your deposit is paid you will get a second email with next steps.

I’m looking forward helping you understand and prepare for what’s ahead.

xx Leticia