INTERVIEW: Welcome the dead: Daemonicus on Host of Rotting Flesh


Swedish blackened death metallers Daemonicus released their first full-length album earlier this year, to excellent reviews. Recently, Metal as Fuck caught up with guitarist PO to talk about their history, their new release, and what we can expect from these guys in the future.

Although Daemonicus formed just three years ago, their debut full-length release Host of Rotting Flesh, which was released this year on ViciSolum, displays a maturity that belies the band’s age. No doubt a lot of this can be attributed to the way in which the band works together.

Three of the band’s members, Jörgen, PO and Stefan, have been mates since they were kids, and Jörgen and PO have played together in various bands over the years. A previous project that they were involved in had Stefan on vocals, but it was more for fun than anything else.

But by January 2006 the three of them decided to start a new band and give it everything they had.

‘We contacted fellow death metal fan Marcus Nygren and asked him to play bass with us, which he was more than happy to,’ PO said. ‘We got in touch with our drummer Viktor, through a friend of ours. But he never really liked the music I think, and he quit just before the release of the first demo. Stefan and Magnus shared a common interest in motor sports so when Viktor left us and we had two shows coming up, Stefan asked Magnus, who already played drums in another band, if he could fill in on the gigs? And he never left.’…. READ MORE –>

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