EVENT REVIEW: Arch Enemy & Suffocation @ Fowler’s Live (Adelaide), 3 Nov 09

Our contributor in Perth, Goatlady, exclaimed, ‘we’re not worthy’ in regards to this much great metal in one show. Fuck, how right she was. Where do I begin?

Adelaide is notorious for scoring major shows during the week, and the Suffocation/Arch Enemy show was no exception. Unlike many shows, however,  I rocked up early to find a line stretching from the door of Fowler’s, down the stairs, up the lane, and nearly right back to the back of the Dark Horsey Bookshop.

The buzz of excitement was palpable in the line. Punters were discussing the bands, the potential setlists of each headlining act, and their previous experiences of either Suffocation or Arch Enemy – sometimes both.

The line didn’t actually take forever to go through, which was something I’d feared might happen. It turned out that the security at Fowler’s was on its toes enough to have one dude walking the line, checking IDs and issuing 18+ wristbands, which meant that we were lined up for ten minutes instead of half an hour. But, also surprisingly… READ MORE–>

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