Shrapnel: bits and pieces of metal (news)

Here’s a distillation of the metal news I’ve seen, received, or otherwise heard about this week. Gonna try to do this weekly… but don’t hold me to it! 🙂 Enjoy!

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Forthcoming Earache releases…

I’m going to review some these for your edification, before they hit the stores. Stay tuned.

This month

Napalm Death – Inside the Torn Apart/Words from the Exit Wound/Breed to Breathe


Cerebral Bore – Maniacal Miscreation
Various – New Noise Attack

AERIAL RUIN Sign With Vendlus Records

Vendlus Records is proud to announce the confirmed release of Portland, Oregon-based AERIAL RUIN’s upcoming full-length album Valleys Of The Earth, set for official release on April 26, 2011.
AERIAL RUIN is the solo project of Erik Moggridge, formerly of Bay Area rockers Old Grandad, Drift of a Curse, Epidemic and other heavy West Coast acts within the metal and rock spectrums, though the mesmerizing output of AERIAL RUIN is vastly different than his previous acts. Here, Moggridge focuses on beautiful, minimalist, organic passages in a very stripped-down singer/songwriter approach. Crisp acoustic guitars and harrowing layers of clean vocals combine in an engulfing culmination of simplistic, atmospheric bliss.


EXHORDER bassist dies

Bassist Frankie Sparcello (pictured below) of reactivated legendary New Orleans metallers EXHORDER passed away on Tuesday 22 March. More information is yet to be made available. See the Blabbermouth article here.


Musings on Metal’s Nuclear Fixation

GrimKim wrote this article for MetalSucks, and it absolutely fascinated me. I hope she writes more on the topic, because it’s the sort of thing I’d love to read more about. Here’s a snippet, but you can read the full article here.

When I was at this year’s NWN! Fest in Berlin a few months back, I heard so many nuclear song titles and hails to the apocalypse that it was almost funny. It all seemed bit ironic, too, that these sweaty, leather-clad musicians, with their gas masks and bandoliers of ammunition, would be calling for war in the middle of a city that has seen so much of it, and especially one that played such a crucial role during a time when WWIII seemed just around the corner. Extreme metal’s warlike nature will never be tamed, and as time goes on and mankind continues to flirt with its own extinction, bands like Nuclear Desecration may end up providing the most fitting soundtrack to whatever’s coming next.

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