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Woods of Ypres drummer in the studio 2011

Been a while since the metal news! Here is a TON for you. Enjoy!

CD/DVD package out October 17th on Peaceville Records

CALIFORNIA – California death metal pioneer, Autopsy, will re-release its all-time classic slab of brutality, Mental Funeral, on October 17th via Peaceville Records. The special 20th anniversary edition of Mental Funeral will be released as a CD/DVD package with a bonus DVD containing two previously unseen shows from Rotterdam 1990 and San Pedro, California in 1991, as well as new extensive liner notes written by the band and a track-by-track breakdown.
Autopsy is currently gearing up to enter Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, CA later this month to record a few new tracks for an upcoming collection entitled, All Tomorrow’s Funerals. The monstrous, 21-track release will contain remastered versions of all of Autopsy’s EPs – everything from ‘Retribution For The Dead’ to the now sold out ‘The Tomb Within’ – as well as the new cuts.
    All Tomorrow’s Funerals will be presented on CD and vinyl with all original artworks, liner notes from the band and a killer new cover from Matt Cavotta.
“This is something the band has wanted to do for a long time, having all these chunks of material in one cohesive release, with the best sound and packaging possible,” commented the band. “Autopsy will make every effort to make sure this death metal assault is top quality and worthy of your attention.”
The release date for All Tomorrow’s Funerals is tentatively set for March of 2012 on Peaceville Records.


“EVIL INVADERS IV” – The IVth Crusade! – 2010 – First bands announcement

FRI | SAT | SUN JUNE 8-10 2012

Headliner yet to be announced

Astriaal (Qld)
Stargazer (Sa)
Mournful Congregation (Sa)
Johnny Touch (Vic)
Vomitor (qld/Ire)
Demonreich (Qld)
Impetuous Ritual (Qld)
Backyard Mortuary (Nsw)
Vilifier (Qld)
Assaulter (nsw)
Grenade (Nsw)
Chaotic Impurity (Nsw)
Rituals of the Oak (Nsw)
Mongrels Cross (Qld)
Destruktor (Vic)
Maniaxe (Vic)
Cemetery Urn (Vic)
Denouncement Pyre (Vic)

ABSU Streaming Entire New Album Via Decibel Magazine 

As ABSU’s latest evolutionary output — their sixth full-length, Abzu — nears North American release this Tuesday, October 11th via Candlelight Records, advance reviews from print and online media worldwide are praising the brilliant, blazing textures the opus bears. As with every album in the Texas-based outfit’s lineage, Abzu takes ABSU‘s occult blackthrash mythology to new calculating, dark new territories through a whirlwind of razor-sharp riffage and Proscriptor’s signature scathing cackle and some of the most top-notch drumming in extreme metal.

Today, Decibel Magazine is helping us bring the wrath of Abzu to the masses as we await its pending release, by streaming the entire album. LISTEN HERE!

Abzu,is the second part of an ongoing trilogy of albums, which began with 2009’s acclaimed Absu, and will eventually come to a finale with Apsu. Recorded at Nomad Recording Studios in Carrollton, Texas, Abzu finds drummer/vocalist Proscriptor and bassist/vocalist Ezezu sharing equal vocal duties and debuts the skills of new guitarist Vis Crom. The record was mixed by J.T. Longoria (King Diamond/Solitude Aeternus), and features original cover art from Polish artist Zbigniew Bielak (Watain, Behemoth, Destroyer 666, Vader).

ABSU Confirmed Live Rituals:

10/22/2011 007 Rock Bar – San Antonio, TX
10/29/2011 Aurora Infernalis Festival – Driel, Netherlands
11/10/2011 Strange Matter – Richmond, VA [info]
11/11/2011 Club Europa – Brooklyn, NY [info]
11/12/2011 Reverb – Reading, PA [info]
11/13/2011 Wonderland Ballroom – Revere, MA
11/26/2011 Messe des Morts Festival – Montreal, QC [info]


GAMA BOMB headlining tour kicks off tomorrow

Irish thrashers GAMA BOMB are due to kick off a headlining European tour tomorrow, Friday, October 7th, in Venlo in the Netherlands.

Having just completed a UK tour supporting British thrash legends ONSLAUGHT, GAMA BOMB are now preparing to lead the charge into Europe for the two week headlining trek, with support from British thrashers SWORN AMONGST.

GAMA BOMB frontman PHILLY BYRNE comments:

“By the end of 2011 we’ll have played around 180 shows in support of Tales from the Grave in Space – can you believe that?  We tried to stop touring ages ago, but great offers just kept rolling in from people who wanted to see us!  It’s been great fun – but now we’re putting the brakes on to make a new album.  Before we go we’ll be doing one more turn around Europe, including shows in a lot of places we’ve never visited before.  We’ll be back some time next year, but we don’t know when – so get your ass out and come to see us before we disappear up our own arses.”

See GAMA BOMB on tour at the following shows:

Oct. 07 – Venlo, Netherlands – Perron 55
Oct. 08 – Sneek, Netherlands – Het Bolwerk
Oct. 09 – Mechelen, Belgium – Club Kamikaze
Oct. 10 – Opwijk, Belgium – Nijdrop
Oct. 11 – Osnabrück, Germany – Bastard Club
Oct. 12 – Berlin, Germany – Jägerklause
Oct. 13 – Wroclaw, Poland – Wagon
Oct. 14 – Ostrava, Czech Republic – Tancirna
Oct. 15 – Passau, Germany – Metal Invasion Festival
Oct. 16 – Vienna, Austria – Viper Room
Oct. 17 – Graz, Austria – Explosiv
Oct. 18 – Mestrino, Italy – Tacu Tacu
Oct. 19 – Arese, Italy – Sga
Oct. 20 – Frankfurt, Germany – 11er
Oct. 21 – Oberhausen, Germany – Helvete
Oct. 22 – Heist-op-den-Berg, Belgium – CC Zwaneberg


WOODS OF YPRES’ frontman discusses forthcoming release

Canadian blackened doom metallers WOODS OF YPRES have recently finished recording their forthcoming new album, WOODS 5: GREY SKIES & ELECTRIC LIGHT at Beach Road Studios in Ontario, Canada, with producer SIEGFRIED MEIER.

WOODS OF YPRES’ frontman, DAVID GOLD, took some time to discuss a new era for the band as they prepare for their first new album since signing to Earache Records:

“W4: ‘The Green Album’ was the first true WOODS OF YPRES album, the three before it were prequels, W5: ‘Grey Skies & Electric Light’ is the sequel and Woods 4.5: ‘You Were the Light’ was the preview before the sequel.  However, unlike the movies, this W5 sequel is the best one yet!  Drawing inspiration and influence from some of our favourite albums, the best of the WOODS OF YPRES sound was created, selected, refined and perfected into our best self-contained, stand-alone songs to date, while still maintaining the flow of an ongoing concept as a WoY album should, however, with less art, less expressionism and more of what you want when you want it.

“W5 is a tighter, more effective WOODS OF YPRES for a broader audience of listeners young and old, new and loyal.  A satisfying ‘press play and drive’ kind of album drawing the best from old Woods, current Woods and the Woods yet to come on what will be a milestone album, our sixth in less than 10 years and nearing the 10th anniversary of the founding of the band.  We’ve never sounded better and we’d never been fully satisfied with any recording, until now.

“10 songs, just as much about modern life as death, existence, society, the forest, the city, hurt and love.  Story wise, picking up where Woods 4 and 4.5 left off, sound wise evoking the feelings of Woods I: ‘Against the Seasons – Cold Winter Songs from the Dead Summer Heat’ and Woods III: ‘Deepest Roots & Darkest Blues’ with modern and futuristic tweaks.  There is black metal, there is doom, there are ballads, there is pop, guitar solos, double bass, blasts, techno, dark humour, irony, reality, harmonies, uplifting hope to get you through the moment and crushing, irreversible sadness.  I count a total of 7 genres in 10 songs.  It’s a new WOODS OF YPRES album and I can’t wait wait for you to hear it!”


Hatchet Dawn release bizarre music video for Dark Symmetry from the debut album Rebirth 

Shot in one of Melbourne’s hottest burlesque bars, Red Bennies, Hatchet Dawn’s new music video for the first single ‘Dark Symmetry’ brings the sound and image of the band’s debut album Rebirth into a visual and sonic medium.

The Dark Symmetry’ video was directed and edited by Gareth McGilvray from McG VideoCore who has directed over 70 videos in his time and features burlesque performer, Miss Nic, one mad Mustang and many of Hatchet Dawn’s supportive friends and fans.

If you have a craving for the weird and twisted, you will want to see this video.



Oct 7 2011 – Halloween Rebirth – Enigma Bar, Adelaide, SA
Oct 8 2011 – Halloween Rebirth – The Loft, Warrnambool, VIC
Oct 29 2011 – Creepshow 2011 – The Espy, St Kilda, VIC
Nov 4 2011 – Halloween Rebirth – Barwon Club, Geelong, VIC
Nov 11 2011 – Halloween Rebirth – Jubilee Hotel, Brisbane, QLD
Nov 18 2011 – Live @ The Wall, Bald Faced Stag – Sydney, NSW
Nov 19 2011 – Metal Fiesta – The Basement – Canberra, ACT


IDES OF GEMINI Sign With Neurot Recordings

Band Make Bay Area debut at Blood, Sweat + Vinyl Music & Film Festival on Oct 15th

  IDES OF GEMINI is a collusion of musical forces precipitated by the haunting and inimitable vocal prowess of singer/bassist Sera Timms, also of Los Angeles dark-psych alchemists Black Math Horseman. The compositions are the long-simmering mental fallout of veteran music and film journalist J. Bennett (guitar/backing vocals), who has spent most of the last 13 years writing for such publications as Decibel, Terrorizer, Revolver, Alternative Press and Thrasher. The third and final corner of the triangle is Kelly Johnston, whose martial drumming techniques and soaring backing vocals literally brought IDES OF GEMINI to life as a performing entity.

Last year, Timms and Bennett recorded and self-released IDES OF GEMINI’s four-song EP, The Disruption Writ, which was anointed “My Favorite Demo of 2010” by the highly influential music blog Invisible Oranges. Lyrically, the songs detailed the terrifying permanence of dismemberment in all its unsettling forms: psychological, emotional and physical. Musically, though?  Someone on the Internet called it “dream doom.” Nobody likes to be pigeonholed, but IDES OF GEMINI will gladly take up temporary residence in that particular nook for the sake of shorthand. Which is to say that “dream doom” will do the trick for now. And now is nothing if not fleeting. Mostly because IDES OF GEMINI are about to record their full-length debut, set for release via Neurot in the Spring of 2012.

“It’s all about that moment—that moment when a piece of music comes seemingly from nowhere and is exactly what you were looking for, but you didn’t know it,” says Neurot boss and Neurosis guitarist/vocalist Steve Von Till. “I remember the moment when Ides of Gemini warped my brain. I received an email from Scott Kelly in May. The subject heading was simply, ‘J. Bennett’s band is killer!’ and had a link. I had known J. for a while as a stalwart supporter of all that is good and heavy out there, but I had no idea he made music. I clicked the link and was completely hypnotized for the duration of the demo. As soon as it ended and I realized I had been completely captivated, I replied to Scott’s email: ‘Totally fucking killer.’ Then I immediately emailed J. and told him how awesome I thought it was. A few conversations later, and we were working together.  It was beautiful and meant to be. Ides of Gemini is amazing!”

“We’re not religious people, but getting the nod from Steve Von Till and Scott Kelly is like getting onstage only to find Moses and John The Baptist in the front row, wearing your band’s t-shirts,” Bennett enthuses. “And we don’t even have shirts yet, which makes it all the more incredible. The point, though, is this: The impact Neurosis has had on our psyches over the years is immeasurable. ‘Honored’ doesn’t quite cover it. But before anyone gets too excited, I should also probably mention that we sound nothing like Neurosis.

IDES OF GEMINI will make their Northern California debut at the Oakland Metropolitan Operahouse on October 15th as part of the Blood, Sweat + Vinyl Music & Film Festival alongside Bay Area greats Oxbow and Evangelista. The night will also mark the DVD release of filmmaker Kenneth Thomas’ new documentary, Blood, Sweat & Vinyl: DIY in the 21st Century, which highlights the music and inner workings of three of the finest independent labels currently in operation: Hydra Head, Constellation, and—you guessed it—Neurot.


GRAVE DESECRATOR: Brazilian Death Metallers Sign To Pulverised Records

Brazilian death metallers GRAVE DESECRATOR have officially joined the Pulverised Records extreme metal family!


Formed in 1998 and backed by two full-length albums and a string of EPs, GRAVE DESECRATOR remains one of the few remaining Brazilian acts true to its untamed and barbaric form of death metal darkness.

Commented bassist Necrogoat on the union: “We’re really ravished to be signed with Pulverised Records, a label that really fits to our music in terms of ideological aspects and works professionally. We are sure this partnership will result in a tormenting sonic deliverance that will lead you all to a thunderous and malignant holocaust! The new album shall come in 2012, and we promise it will not disappoint! It will contain lots of good surprises on it, but with the same infamous essence we have become known for! We are really eager for this release! We are the BRAZILIAN BLACKEST METAL MASSACRE!”

Added Pulverised Records’ A&R Manager Calvin Chiang also added: “Anyone with a knowledge of traditional Brazilian death metal will know most distinguishing quality: its rabid, unstoppable force of christ-bashing sonic blasphemy. GRAVE DESECRATOR is of course no exception and we believe the follow-up to (2012) Insult will definitely exceed our expectations.GRAVE DESECRATOR shall carry the burning flag of old school Brazilian death metal up high and be prepared for one of the most lethal death metal albums in 2012!”

The band is currently readying for a wide scale massacre of Europe in the Spring of 2012. Check out the  video clip for the “Desecrating Europe Tour 2012”:

Butcherazor – Vocals / Guitars
Black Sin And Damnation – Guitars
Necrogoat – Bass
Slaughterer – Drums


EXHUMED: Legendary Goregrinders To Kick Off North American Tour Later This Month

 Goregrinding metal gods EXHUMED are readying to kick off the second leg of their Back From The Dead And Ready To Party North American Tour later this month. Set to commence on October 27 in Amarillo, Texas, the band will be touring in support of their All Guts, No Glory full-length released in July via Relapse Records.

Commented vocalist/guitarist Matt Harvey of the oncoming trek: “We’re fully chuffed to hit the road with Goatwhore and Havok on the second leg of our Back From The Dead And Ready To Party North American tour. It’s been way too long since we’ve played out on the East Coast. I can promise you a full-on autopsy holocaust doss of epic proportions! We’ll be playing a ton of stuff from the new record, as well as all the moldy oldies the slaughtercult has come to expect, so come on out, grab a beer, and get ready to rage! See you there!”

EXHUMED All Guts, No Glory North American Tour 2011
w/ Goatwhore, Havok

10/27/2011  Sorority House – Amarillo, TX * w/ Death Angel
10/28/2011 The Roxy – Oklahoma City, OK
10/29/2011 FuBbar – St Louis, MO
10/30/2011 Reggie’s Rock Club – Chicago, IL
10/31/2011 I-Rock Nightclub – Detroit
11/01/2011 Alrosa Villa – Columbus, OH
11/02/2011 Montage Music Hall – Rochester, NY
11/03/2011 Wreck Room – Toronto, ON
11/04/2011 Les Foufounes Electriques – Montreal, QC
11/05/2011 Rock Cafe Le Stage – Trois-Rivieres, QC
11/06/2011 L’Agitee – Quebec City, QC
11/08/2011 The Palladium – Worcester, MA
11/09/2011 Europa – Brooklyn, NY
11/10/2011 Championships – Trenton, NJ
11/11/2011 Mojo 13 – Wilmington, DE
11/12/2011 Sonar – Baltimore, MD
11/13/2011 The Casbah at Tremont Music Hall – Charlotte, NC
11/14/2011 Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
11/15/2011 The Brass Mug – Tampa, FL
11/16/2011 The Engine Room – Tallahassee, FL
11/17/2011 Siberia – New Orleans, LA
11/18/2011 Korova/Goregrowler’s Ball – San Antonio, TX w/ Suffocation
11/19/2011 The Juggernaut – Gallup, NM *
11/20/2011  Orpheum Theatre – Flagstaff, AZ *

* = no Goatwhore

All Guts, No Glory marks EXHUMED’s first new record in almost eight years and offers up 11 choice cuts of grinding death metal combined the raw ferocity of their legendary Slaughtercult album with the wild ambition of 2003’s Anatomy Is Destiny. As crimson concertos such as “Dis-assembly Line,” “As Hammer To Anvil,” and “Funereality” illustrate, All Guts, No Glory is EXHUMED’s finest moment to date.

Check out “I Rot Within” HERE.

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