Guest blogging series: Fitness for Fuckups. It is most worthy.

Over at …The Other Side, which is the companion blog to this one, I currently have a guest blogger posting a most-worthwhile series. It’s called Fitness for Fuckups.

It’s so difficult to read actual stories of people who were sad and depressed and getting fatter and fatter, but who actually took steps to do something about it.

More importantly, this series looks at “doing something about it” as : making significant lifestyle change. That’s the whole point.

It’s not about just training like a mad cunt for approval from anyone else. It’s about realising that what you are doing to yourself may well cause you to die young.

The series gives you:

  • the story behind the decision to make big lifestyle change
  • how that change happened
  • what the exercise involves
  • what is scary about it, and what good things come out of it
  • motivation, and how to keep yourself motivated without relying on anyone else, or books, or websites, or anything
  • goals, and the importance of these to your life in general
  • diet, and gives a layman’s rationale for how this one particular dude works; it is pretty well the basis of all current effective “diets”, including Paleo, including Clean & Lean, and many others
  • rest, booze, and drugs, the effects these have – from personal experience – and whether or not you can indulge even if you do make lifestyle change
  • a specific note for the women out there who are thinking ‘yeah but how the fuck does this apply to me you cunt’
  • being proud and not stopping – and the hows and whys and wherefores.

I’m posting the series because I feel that it is important for people to see significant fitness and health changes that can happen to a normal person. Sure, Liggy’s motivated and driven; but we all are when we really want something.

Posts so far in the series that you can read include:

PART ONE: The Story

PART TWO: Motivation


Keep an eye on … the Other Side for the remaining posts that are coming your way over the next three days.

Love to hear what you think!!


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