Life is a cycle, for a reason

It’s a curious thing about life. Things tend to come back around into your life, even when you sometimes think that they have been finalised or forgotten.

Even when they are finalised and dealt with at your end, you don’t know whether that’s the case for someone else. In fact, chances are that when your part of something is finished, there are not always resolutions for others.

And so, when things come back into your life, it’s usually because there is unfinished business for someone, of some kind. If your part in it is finished, it’s your responsibility to help others find their closure. It will stop the next cycle.

If you do Buddhism, you might want to think of this as positive intentional action. Your past action in some way disallowed resolution for another person – or, perhaps, you didn’t consider it. Hence, the cycle.

As Mark Twain wrote, ‘History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme‘.

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