Happy New Year!

To all you awesome readers of mine, cheers for seeing out 2011 with me, and here’s to another very brutal year ahead of us.

If New Year’s Day is anything to go by (mine featured pool, spa, drinks, good mates, good food, lots of sleeping… etc… hehe), then this year is going to be killer.

Not to mention the metal we’ll be seeing this year!

  • On CANDLELIGHT we will be seeing:
    • SIGH’s newie, In Somniphobia, will be released in April. And – based on a preliminary scan through the tracks – looks like it’ll be a contender for one of the best of the year.
    • LORD MANTIS – Perverter, is coming out on 12 March.
    • ORANGE GOBLIN’s A Eulogy for the Damned is out on the day before my birthday, 13 February
    • SEAR BLISS’s Eternal Recurrence is out on 23 January, as is the newie for ABIGAIL WILLIAMS, Becoming.
  • On EARACHE we will be seeing the much-vaunted, and, now, much grieved, WOODS OF YPRES – Woods 5:Grey Skies & Electric Light being released on 13 February.
  • PATAC Records brings us PANZER BASTARD’s Gods, Thugs and Madmen on 13 March

It’s a good start. There will be heaps more, too, but we just have to wait and see what they are.

So in the interim, hold your beers aloft, raise your horns, and bang your head to what promises to be an amazing year. Thanks again to everyone for your support and continued awesomeness over the past year!


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