Flash Fiction of the Month Club

Get tasty, unpublished flash fiction posted to you, anywhere in the world, every month.
Flash Fiction of the Month club $4.50

Admit it. You spend your waking hours dreaming of an envelope that turns up in your letterbox every month.

An envelope that you wait until you’re alone to open. Sliding your finger under the seal, you slowly pop it open and, licking your bottom lip in anticipation, tug at the postcard hiding within. Letting the envelope drop to the floor, you hold the postcard in both hands, trying not to devour the writing on its front too quickly, savouring it for as long as you possibly can. Then, having inhaled the short, fast, breathless writing, you close your eyes with a smile, and the postcard drops to your side…

You need to join my Flash Fiction of the Month Club.

Flash fiction. On a postcard. In an envelope. Delivered to you anywhere in the world, every month.

Don’t you want an experience like that? Join here.

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