The magnificent dance project. It’s called 20:20

I’ve got a mad project under way. It’s a dance performance, provisionally titled 20:20. This is the first information in public about it.
Black and white photograph demi-pointe shoes on left, MDM flats on the right.

I’ve been planning a magnificent dance project for a while. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know I’ve been posting tweets occasionally about choreographers.

Well, today, I not only got agreement from another dancer to perform in a duet with me for the project (she is beauuutifullll and we have the same attitude to, and love of, dance in general and adage in particular), but I gained a yes-let-me-think-about-it from a contemporary dancer I adore to choreograph a piece on us.

This makes two choreographers, two pieces.

The first one was gunning for a simple and fun piece she already has, given the intended output of the project. But I’m going to see if I can push her for a simple and fun piece and something more specific and individual.

The challenge I had today was being asked ‘how long?’. Thrown off my proverbial foot, I kind of stammered ‘Er, 4 mins? Song length. Between 4 and 8 minutes’.

She nodded seriously, looked interested.

Then I told her it has to be after July (because I’m dancing in a showcase in July and won’t have any brain-space before that). She was more interested then.

Even though the project is specific for me, and I have some strong ideas, I told her that I would hand her all artistic license on a platter. Normally when I tell people that, they don’t believe me. But I actually really love it when artists can feel the full extent of their wings, without restriction, and produce amazing work.

I’m potentially looking for a third dancer and choreographer to work with on a fourth piece.

Keep an eye on this blog for more details. I’m considering putting up a crowdfunding project for 20:20 on ACF, and hitting up sponsors for the event.

For now, all you need to know is that 20:20 is coming in February 2020. The star of the show will be me.

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