Now in Feedspot’s Top 100 Writing Blogs

This site is now officially in Feedspot’s Top 100 Writing Blogs!
Now in Feedspot's Top 100 Writing Blogs

In what was a super nice surprise, I opened my emails today to discover that this website has made it into Feedspot’s Top 100 Writing Blogs.

The designation is apparently made by a panel of editors, who determine which blogs sit where in the list.

To make it into the Top 100 of anything is no mean feat, I have to say. Think of the millions of writing blogs out there, bobbing around in a sea of competition.

After writing about writing, music journalism, and related topics here for more than ten years, it feels like a nice payoff. My ego is over there, purring in the corner, happy assuaged for the time being.

Unlike most bloggers, I’ve never monetised this site. That’s partly because I can’t be bothered learning the best way to do it, and partly because ads are a gross way to earn some coin. Instead, this is a primary publishing outlet for me, which captures what’s going on my life (and my writing life). It’s the vehicle by which I occasionally develop new books. And it’s the key location from which I build a readership for the things that I do.

There are some fabulous blogs in the Feedspot Top 100 Writing Blogs list. If you’re curious, I encourage you to go have a squiz.

You can do that at


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